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Working at the Rec

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by Pamela Kotorac

I began looking for a job within the first few weeks of my freshman year at William & Mary. I had no idea where I wanted to work; all I knew was that my parents wouldn’t rest until I found one. Probably annoyingly persistent, I got in touch with Theran and, to my surprise, was hired right before fall break. I was extremely excited; I thought that working at the gym would be the perfect job for me, but I had no idea how excited I should have been. As a somewhat homesick freshman who was simply looking for a welcoming, friendly group of people, the Rec quickly became much more than just a job.

I knew how enjoyable being a PSA would be after I met the people with whom I would be working.  I remember walking into my first meeting feeling very nervous, but I left eager to begin.  The combination of Theran and Walesca’s games, how helpful every PSA and FS (facility supervisor)was during my shadowing shifts, and most of all how much fun I had my first week of work told me I couldn’t have found a better position. The Rec quickly became a place where I felt comfortable and (unlike other jobs I’d had) always found myself with a smile on my face.

Not only is the Rec an amazing job, but somewhere I spend quite a bit of time participating in club sports.  Whether on the basketball courts, the fields, or just working out, I love the atmosphere as a whole.  The difference between our gym and the one I go to when I’m back in New York are drastic.  It could merely be the fact that I’m surrounded by William & Mary students, but I feel that it’s more than that.  It’s the reliable and outgoing staff, the opportunities to take part in IM games, staff fitness challenges and all the other programs the Rec has to offer, and the steps the entire staff takes to make it a great environment to exercise.

One year later, I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like to work anywhere else.  The staff includes some of the greatest people I’ve met at the college.  There isn’t one person I don’t have a good time with when working a shift. I know that it will be one of the best parts of my college experience.  My friends here have already given me some of my favorite memories, and will continue to throughout my time here.

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