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An Opportunity Like No Other

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By Andrew Moore

Being a part of the Recreational Sports program has afforded me opportunities that I never would have had otherwise.  Thanks to the cycling team, I am in a new city nearly every weekend.  I have traveled up and down the east coast and competed against some of the finest athletes in the country.  Next year, I will get a chance to go out to Angel Fire, New Mexico, to compete in the Mountain Biking Collegiate Nationals.  As an active member of the cycling team, I have been afforded a unique opportunity to interact with the student body as well as the community at large.    Despite the time commitment associated with most Rec Sports programs, I have found my experiences to be highly beneficial, both as opportunities to foster a healthy competitive drive and to become a more dynamic student in general.

Like most new students coming into William and Mary I was eager for changes, and looking to find out how I fit in with our diverse community.  I quickly realized that greek life was not for me, and looked to sports clubs to find the perfect fit in terms of general interest and social compatibility.  I quickly found that while the cycling team afforded me the opportunities to race and compete amongst other colleges, it also accepted a more laid back attitude highlighted by frequent social rides and get-togethers.  My experience with most rec sports clubs, cycling in particular, is that while the more advanced athletes are free to compete at a higher level, beginners and everyone in-between are not left behind in most aspects of the club.

Aside from the social benefits of Rec Sports clubs, the ability to travel within the conference is the second most advantageous opportunity that I have experienced.  Traveling throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania allows for a welcome change of scenery from the Williamsburg area, and allows for the creation of relationships with individuals from other schools.  Visiting new cities and areas allows us to take in their cultures while riding new and exciting trails not necessarily available in the Tidewater region.  The chance to navigate rocky descents on Buttermilk trail in Richmond one week, and then ride through pine forests in Big Bear, West Virginia, the next is a unique experience made possible through the support of Recreational Sports.

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