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Push it, Push it to the Limit, Limit

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By Tarah Romano

Push It To The Limit

I hope you’ve seen high school musical, but if not, treat yourself and let Corbin motivate you with his sweet beats.  As I pondered my direction for this blog about the weekend at fitness expo, this song slowly trickled into my thoughts.   A special thanks to Mr. Bleu for jump-starting my entry, and hey Corbin, those are some killer punches you’re throwing!  Ever taken a Body Combat class?

Speaking of Body Combat, and punches, and pushing it to the limit, let’s get down to business.  Fitness expo was AH-MAZE-ING.  To start off, we witnessed a double rainbow on the drive down and I think the little leprechaun at the end sprinkled some good luck our way.  That wasn’t the only beauty displayed this weekend, though.  There was, without a doubt, beauty in every drop of sweat that was shed.  Not only was it a sign of hard work, but it was also a sign of unity.  And unity, more than pain, more than soreness, more than adrenaline, was what I felt most this weekend.

As fitness instructors, we have a meeting once a week and we occasionally plan random gatherings.  While I would claim to know most of my fellow instructors on a friendly basis, this weekend provided us with the opportunity to not only push ourselves to the limit physically (in a healthy manner of course), but also push one another to share their true selves.  The friendly nudge we gave one another led to a rewarding trip in countless ways.  We unleashed the quirkiness within us all.  This made for a successful fitness experience as well.  Instead of flopping down like a fish on deck during a long plank hold, I would look up to my teammate and start laughing about something completely random (okay, maybe they were Ricky Bobby quotes…thanks friend, your hilariousness got us through some tough ab workouts).  Our peers as well as fitness professionals instructed these challenging workouts.  It was awesome to be surrounded by people who share a common love and passion – love for fitness, passion for health.

There was one thing I did the most of this weekend, and it didn’t revolve around any kind of exercises.  I began to lose count of squats, push-ups, and mountain climbers.  But what I lost count of first was the number of times we laughed, together, whole-heartedly.  I am so thankful for the opportunity the fitness expo presented to me and to my team of fellow instructors.  We learned a lot about the world of fitness.  We learned a lot about motivation, inspiration, digging deep.  We learned a lot about each other.  Our Tribe pushed ourselves to the limit this weekend.  That’s what I’m most thankful for, my TRIBE – the Tribe I came with, conquered with, and left with.

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