Monday, March 26th, 2012...8:08 am

Student Life: IM Sports & Ecological Theory

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by Daniel Gardner

What is the best way to meet people, make friends, find motivation to reach fitness goals, and connect with William and Mary? Play intramural sports! No matter what your background or interests, there should be something for everyone to do. We offer seven team sports and numerous individual/dual weekend tournaments and events. Organizations, fraternities, and sororities compete for points as they play and win games together.

To employ an exercise from ecological theory on student development, draw a few concentric circles. In the immediate circle around you, the microsystem, draw the places and groups in which you live. Dorm, classmates, a sorority, etc. Those groups and places interact and form the ecosystem that is your school and surrounding community. Playing intramural sports brings your immediate groups – hallmates, classmates, members of student organizations – together through competition. So make sure you draw the arches of the Student Rec Center in your ecological model. Better yet, go out and play today!

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