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Massage Therapy: For Wrinkles or Knots, or Both?

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by Amanda Corney

While most people don’t get massages to prevent wrinkles, massage is a way to keep the body tissues supple, detoxed, and turning over for new growth.  Massage not only relaxes muscle restrictions, it increases blood circulation, stimulates cellular renewal, eliminates wastes that would otherwise remain in the body longer, and both calms and energizes stressed tissue.  These are all things that keep skin young!

In addition to these benefits, massage also provides greater joint flexibility and range of motion, improves circulation of blood and movement of lymph fluids, strengthens the immune system, and reduces levels of anxiety.  So the next time you have a knot and you book a massage, know that you have invested in a fountain of youth that stimulates the body to renew itself and stay younger and healthy longer.

The Rec Center employs two certified massage therapists who provide massage services throughout the week.  Opt for either a Swedish or deep tissue massage, and feel free to jazz it up by adding hot stones, aromatherapy, or both!  Call early to schedule an appointment, as we book up quickly during exam time!

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