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New Year, New Outlook

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by Becca Starr

After having now duly attended two weeks of Fac/Staff yoga, I hereby proudly announce I can touch my toes. As many of my SPINNING buddies know, I am of the intrinsically non-stretchy variety. I am dense. I sink. I routinely attend early morning Boot Camps, I teach SPINNING. I do not and, until this point, could not stretch. But it’s 2013.

2012 was a year of fro-yo and mini-skirts. Of Blue Ivy, fiscal cliffs, and warm winters. For some reason, there was not enough chocolate in 2012. I am busily fixing this. For other reasons, there was a lot of playing-it-safe. We can fix this one together.

If I were to say I am terrified of Yoga I would be only mildly lying. I like being good at things, hence my avoidance of ball sports. I hang around people who are really good at things I’m ok with being bad at (read: musicians, mathematicians, people who play ball sports), and avoid people who rock the same things I do. I have, for example, never had a friend with as stellar fashion sense as myself. I do science and therefore date people who think I’m a genius. I don’t do/take/practice(?) Yoga because you can’t do it to the Lion King soundtrack, because I breathe really loudly, and because I am horrifically, extraordinarily, superbly and insurmountably inflexible.

Which is exactly why, for two whole weeks now, I’ve been doing Yoga. Safe for me is SPINNING, squats, and a ridiculous number of lunges. Safe for others is miles on a treadmill, or hours on a mat. But hey, it’s 2013, let’s play it something else.

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