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How to Find Your Fitness

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by Sarah Prowitt

As the school year starts, many of us have aspirations, both realistic and unrealistic. As students, we want to study longer, work harder and get only “good” grades. But when you look back at your time at William and Mary you will probably never start off a story worth telling with, “This one time I was in the library for six hours straight…”.

Because let’s face it, we are a complex and multi-talented student body. We all are so much more than just students; we are a tribe of amazing people with eclectic talents. And with all of these talents comes responsibility – we have meetings to go to, events to put on, and friendships to maintain.  Amidst all of this over-achieving in our everyday lives we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. We let ourselves get too stressed out, we go too many days without a workout and we eat junk because we’re in a rush. Don’t worry this happens to everyone, but I want you to realize how easy it is to find fitness in your life.

You may only have thirty minutes three times a week to devote to a workout, but that is ok. You can run for 15 minutes and then lift weights for 10 minutes, stretch for the last five, and BOOM that was a workout. Progress is progress and what better time to start than now. Work in a fitness class between your weekend study sessions. Make a workout date and come to the REC with a friend. Or if you need added incentive, hire a personal trainer to keep you accountable. In fact, you don’t need to make it to the REC everyday, you can take a jog, walk  or bike ride outside. Don’t let bad habits seep into your life; you have the power to make a positive change.

So grab your planner or calendar and set a goal. If you’ve never been to the REC, plan when you’re going to go and make a date with a friend to come and check it out. If you’re losing stamina finding your cardio, sign up for a road race like a 5k, 8k or half marathon. You’d surprise yourself with what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. Don’t make fitness something harder than it has to be. It takes about 21 days or three weeks to establish a new habit. So stick with it and make time for these next three weeks. You can do it! Reward yourself with a new pair of running shoes, or new outfits after you’ve accomplished your goal. It’s a new semester and time for goal setting, so find a way to fit in your fitness. Get going: make a playlist and walk on over to the REC. I’ll see you there!

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