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Fitness Websites We LOVE!

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Need some new reading material?  Motivation?  A new fitness regimen?  Check out these fitness websites we just can’t get enough of!

Tone It Uptoneitup.com

If you’re a self-proclaimed Bravo junkie like I am, you’ve watched every episode of the new reality series Toned Up…more than once.  I’ll admit I was skeptical at first.  The show features two quintessential good-looking, hard-bodied trainers, Karena and Katrina (I had to get over the alliteration and rhyming, too), who are a bit ditzy.  But after about week three, both they and the show grew on me.  That’s why I was pretty excited to learn they have a website devoted to fitness and nutrition.

Filled with good recipes and workouts, the duo also offers a free program that will help you on your get fit journey.  It’s also good if you need a laugh.   A bit over the top, Karena and Katrina never miss an opportunity to have fun.

Shut Up + Runshutupandrun.net

Snarky posts?  Check.  Brutal honesty?  Check.  Bathroom humor?  Oh yeah.  This blog appeals to my inner New Yorker and causes me to, legitimately, LOL.  Although focused primarily on running, this is a blog that truly adheres to the definition “a website containing a writer’s own experiences, observations, opinions, etc.”  Case in point: her 6 Confessions for the Week posts.  Visit this blog for running tips, nutrition tips, or if you just want to see how your dirty little secrets match up to someone else’s.

Daily Cup of Yogadailycupofyoga.com

I’ve been wishing and willing myself to be a “yogi” for a while now.  There’s just something about them.  They’re earthy, graceful, and seem to be able to get through anything by just breathing.  Yes.  I’d like to be that.  Thus far, my journey, which finds me practicing yoga about two to three times per week, has made me run a bit faster, be a little more flexible, and relaxed me…for a good 17 minutes after each class.  Needless to say I have quite a bit farther to go on my quest for inner peace.  But after navigating this blog, I feel a little closer to success.

Daily Cup of Yoga provides readers with posts about everything from yoga culture to how to achieve happiness.  After all, yoga is not just about being able to touch the crown of your head with your toes.  It’s a mindset, and this website does a great job focusing on that aspect of the practice.  Another plus:  there are many guest posts, so readers get various perspectives and viewpoints.

Girls Gone Stronggirlsgonestrong.com

Girls Gone Strong is dedicated to those ladies who are not afraid to “lift heavy.”  But if you aren’t the female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, or don’t even like to lift, you can still benefit from this blog.  If you’re new or relatively new to pumping iron, the instructional videos on this site will make going to the gym much less confusing and intimidating.  For those of you who aren’t so quick to lift heavy, there are tons of other posts for you to enjoy – recipes for everything from meals to shakes, reviews of detox diets and supplements, and tons of motivation.

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