Friday, October 17th, 2014...2:22 pm

TAP Takes to the Mountains

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William and Mary’s Tribe Adventure Program took to the mountains this past Fall Break in a soaking wet, pony filled rock climbing journey. Not ones to be deterred by some mild downpours, our fearless climbers attacked the Grayson Highlands boulders in far western Virginia. When bucked off the rock by nature’s slippery resistance, they strapped their pads and packs right back on and headed out into the backcountry near Mt. Rogers to be greeted by a string of wild ponies native to the highland wilderness, averaging around 4800 feet in elevation. Though mother earth was not at her kindest this past weekend, the participants and the trip leaders managed to have a great time and all came back unscathed with great big (sopping wet) smiles.



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