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The World of Intramurals

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I clearly remember my basketball senior night in high school and I remember wondering what I would do with my life now that basketball was over. I started playing basketball when I was in 4th grade and by the time I was in middle school, I was playing year round. My routine was wake up, go to school, play. Rinse and repeat.
I wasn’t good enough to play college ball but I couldn’t imagine dropping something that was such a big part of my life. At the same time, I was so focused on trying to find a group of friends, a place on this campus of 5,000 students where I could belong.
Enter the magical world of intramural sports. We brag about being a program for everyone and something I’ve learned from both participating and working for this program is that this statement is true. For the past two (almost three…wow) years, I’ve played for BCM, one of the Christian organizations on campus. We are definitely not one of the best teams, but we definitely have the best spirit and the most fun. For me and for this organization, intramural sports is the opportunity to pull in students and rally together for a fun cause: the coveted IM shirt. For an hour, just once a week, we get to forget about that job interview, that 4,000 word essay, or our two back-to-back midterms, and attempt to put balls in baskets and over nets. One day us BCMers will finally win that shirt, but until then we hold on to the smaller, more memorable moments: the buzzer beater 3pt I shot my freshman year, our associate pastor diving on the volleyball court for balls, and our accidental hug tackles from our lack of coordination.
In my final thoughts, I have to say I think I have the best job on campus. I get paid to watch sports. Granted, there’s more to what I do than just that, but in the end (on a good night with good officiating and minimal injuries), I not only get to watch some pretty fun(ny) games but know that I am helping to create memories like the ones I described above. I work on a staff with people who love what they do at a school with people who love to be here. In the magical world of intramural sports, everyone is welcome and everyone fits in.

Rebecca Koch

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