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So what IS healthy eating?

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When we start to look at ways to improve our health, we usually start with what we put in our bodies. The foods we decide to eat play a strong role in our risks for certain diseases as well as how we meet our daily physical, emotional and mental requirements. Food is essential for our existence but it is the types of foods we eat that increase the risk of disease, cause weight gain, and make us feel less energetic, stressed and just plain lousy.  To understand how to balance the foods you eat to create a healthful dietary plan, a meeting with a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN) may be just what you need for guidance and education for making healthy choices in your everyday life.

Campus Dietitians are RDN’s and are the “new thing” on college campuses. RDN’s are finding that we are needed far more than we realized. The students at The College of William and Mary daily deal with stress, erratic schedules, multi-tasking, and peer pressure, all of which make it difficult to eat at least one healthy meal per day, much less three. Students can also be so inundated with what the media says healthy foods are supposed to look like that we lose sight of how to truly eat healthy. As William and Mary’s Campus Dietitian, I provide a free service to the students and can help to sort through that nutritional maze by providing counseling on topics such as sports nutrition, weight loss/gain, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, IBS, dietary restrictions such as those for food allergies/intolerances or celiac disease, or just learning to eat healthy on campus.

I am so grateful to get to work with such an incredibly talented, intelligent, and focused group of people! Currently, I see students for individual counseling or for group presentations but both require an appointment. I can also be found as Campus Rec’s Right Bite Dietitian and you’ll find me twice a month at a table near the front desk. Upcoming dates Right Bite are Wednesday, March 18 from 5 – 6pm; Monday, April 6 from 4 – 5pm; and Wednesday, April 29 from 5 – 6pm. To schedule an individual appointment or to request a group presentation, please feel free to call my office at 757-221-4872, email me at or stop by my table at The Right Bite at Campus Rec! Look forward to seeing you at the table!


Julie C. Nance, MS, RDN, CDE, BC-ADM


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